Scent Samples


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Scent samples made using our soy 494.

These are for the intended purpose of customers being able to get a feel for the scent before they commit to buying a bottle.

One of each scent, per person, per order.

If you’re order contains wax samples ONLY, select the £2.50 shipping option. If your order contains even 1 oil, select the £4.95 option



Charcoal & Grey Alder, Orange & Pomegranate, Tuberose & Vanilla, Tiare & Starfruit, Nuneco, Magical Fun Land, Hotel of Dreams, Limestone & White Lavender, Pink Snowflake, Coded Her, Red Berries, Sea Salt & Vanilla, Lavender, Mani She, Blueberry Muffin, Zesty Lime, Winters Night Sky, Sandalwood, Moss & Palo Santo, Black Cassis, Mistletoe & Flowers, Indian Incense, Sage, Basil, Bay, After the Storm, Intense Pink Grape, Marine Breeze, Thrill, Frosted Winter Pine, Cedar & Juniper Berry, Gingerbread, Maple & Elm, Santana Apple & Myrrh, Wild Berries, Poems, Baby Soft, Blackcurrant Medley, Cucumber Crush, Summer Storms, Tropical Breeze, Morning Dew, Juicy Red Apple, Velvet Sugar, Goji Berry & Orange, Soulfully Oud, Pink Sugar, Bergamot & Earl Grey, Cold Kisses


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